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Second Grade

Investigating, thinking and inquiring

Second grade is a very important year for your child and emphasizes the mastery of basic skills and processes. We strive to provide an atmosphere which encourages each student to grow physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually to the maximum of his or her potential. It is sure to be an exciting year!

Meet Your Teachers

Brittany Flaherty 
Phone: 952-431-8380
Voicemail: 84225

Karla Hunsinger

karla Hunsinger
Phone: 952-431-8380
Voicemail: 84287

Lori Anger

Lori anger
Phone: 952-431-8380
Voicemail: 84229

Chaka Tobias

Chaka tobias
Phone: 952-431-8380
Voicemail: 84888