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Kindness Ambassadors

Boy standing in front of kindness

Who: Kindness Ambassadors are students in 1st -5th grade who have been chosen by staff members to represent Westview.

What: These children are models of kindness, showing compassion (caring about the feelings of others), humility (be humble and not arrogant or boastful), dignity (being worthy to be honored) and respect for themselves and others.

When: Each month there will be new kids chosen to be the Kindness Ambassadors. Be sure to look for their picture on our Wall Of Fame outside the cafeteria.

The Ambassadors will help to greet students and staff in the mornings and at the end of school, among other duties as needed.

Questions or ideas for Kindness Ambassadors can be directed to one of our Peace Educators: Mrs. Ryan or Ms. Kissell


Patsy Ryan

Social Social Worker
Phone: 952-430-8380
Voicemail: 18386

Kirsten Kissell

1st Grade Teacher
Phone: 952-430-8380
Voicemail: 84219