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Lego League

Two boys working with robots

Who: 5th graders

What: Using LEGO bricks and other elements such as sensors, motors, and gears, teams gain hands-on experience in engineering and computer programming principles as they construct and program their unique robot inventions. Teams also present a lesson showing a solution to the challenge.

When: Mondays through Thursdays after school in the fall. Please arrange to pick up your child promptly at 5 p.m. 

If your 5th grader loves to design and build things, Westview's Lego League provides an opportunity to work in a team environment to do just that. 5th graders will have the chance to:

  • Design, build, and program autonomous robots
  • Learn teamwork skills
  • Research challenges facing today’s scientists
  • Compete in tournaments and present your solutions to a panel of judges.
  • Build self-confidence, knowledge and life skills.

Students will participate in a Lego League tournament at school in late November. There is also a regional tournament against other schools in early December.

There is a fee to join Lego League. Our program is guided by Mr. Sullivan. Email him for questions.

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Earl Sullivan

5th Grade Teacher
Phone: 952-430-8380
Voicemail: 85167